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Corporate photography

Bodleian Library, University of Oxford

Corporate photography London, Oxfordshire;

Corporate events  |  Hybrid and online events  |  keynote speakers

Jenny is accomplished at working calmly in highly charged, stressful environments. Giving life to high profile events and corporate portraits, whilst retaining professionalism. Having a mature experience of both the business environment and the needs of individual clients, she can put visuals into complex requirements. By understanding markets and commerce she can contribute to holistic brand consistency.

Her corporate photography work spans everything from international conferences, PR events to magazine editorials for governmental departments, big multinationals, NGO’s, public bodies and local independent businesses, with specialities that include studio, location, portrait and corporate event photography. 

Your event and your key note speakers will be photographed with the professionalism befitting your organisation.


Bill Burns, Director of the CIA photographed by Silver Apples Photography
Bill Burns, director CIA 1
Bill Burns, director CIA 2
Corporate hybrid and online events. 15
Corporate hybrid and online events 5
Business team photography. Group photographs 3
Corporate event photography g2
Corporate event photography g9
Corporate events 4
Group discussion with Jeremy Bowen
Corporate hybrid and online events 4
Conference questions 3 corporate event photography
Red carpet at the MCA awards
Oxfam conference
Tony Blair keynote speaker. corporate event photography 1
Tony Blair keynote speaker. corporate event photography
Peter Tiel, keynote speaker. corporate event photography
Conference in progress 2 corporate event photography

Corporate Events:
Corporate atmosphere recorded:

Jenny’s corporate photography at corporate events produces a wealth of imagery for use in documentation, reports, marketing, website and online content. It also provides media to acknowledge and credit participants and organisations continuing connections after the event. 

Professional coverage: Jenny’s corporate photography adeptly captures the professional ambiance, networking moments, and keynote presentations, preserving the corporate essence of the event.
Candid instants: focusing on candid shots to encapsulate the authentic interactions, discussions, and expressions, to add depth and realism to the event’s documentation.
Branding emphasis: Emphasizing brand presence,  branding elements are highlighted, as are sponsorships, and corporate aesthetics to showcase the event’s identity.
Group portraits: Skillfully arranged and shot, group portraits capture the collective spirit and camaraderie of attendees, serving as records and connections made at the event.

Hybrid and Online Events:
Innovative visual storytelling in the virtual sphere:

Jenny’s corporate photography at hybrid and online events produces media in a tricky event format, providing agency across space and time, connecting people at distance in the real world whilst together in the digital world.

Adaptability: Proficient in capturing virtual interactions, the nuances of hybrid and online events are adeptly navigated, ensuring a seamless portrayal of engagement and participation.
Technical expertise: Leveraging advanced equipment and techniques, high-quality imagery is guaranteed, showcasing the digital realm’s vibrancy and connectivity.
Audience engagement: Through visuals, the audience’s digital experience are encapsulated, highlighting reactions, engagement, and the essence of their participation.
Speaker focus: photographs spotlight keynote speakers, producing engaging visuals that convey their passion, expertise, and impact within the virtual environment.

Keynote Speakers:
Artistry in capturing influential voices:

Jenny’s corporate photography of keynote speakers produces portraits, location images, group photography, dynamic delivery of talk and guest reaction. This gives the client effective media for use in documents and reports as well as appreciation and marketing.

Speaker’s dynamics: specializing in portraying the charisma and conviction of keynote speakers, expressions, gestures, and important moments are captured during presentations.
Visual storytelling: photographs reflect the speaker’s narrative, enhancing their message through powerful visual storytelling, which is turn is seen resonating with the audience.
Dynamic shots: dynamic shots are crafted that depict the speaker’s energy and connection with the audience, portraying their influence and engagement effectively.
Behind the scenes: Beyond the stage, behind-the-scenes glimpses are showcased, adding a personal touch by revealing preparation and interaction of speakers and teams.
Branding notation: Connecting the speaker with the location and the event host, paying subtle attention to branding elements.

Corporate photography covered by Silver Apples Photography. A committed to encapsulate the essence of each event, be it corporate gatherings, hybrid and online conferences, or keynote speaker sessions. Through skillful photography and an understanding of the event’s dynamics, Jenny delivers a collection of visuals that not only document but also narrate the unique story and significance of an event, paying due attention to the location, guests, and the event hosts’ marketing and branding media.

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