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Group portrait headshots; Oxford choir


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If you have one glance, one chance to make an impact, then use it well…. Social media sites are now the first location for making initial contact – whether you like it or not people’s first impressions are greatly affected by the quality of your headshot or profile image. Social Media including LinkedIn, Google+, Skype, Twitter, Facebook and instant messaging for personal and business is fundamental element of business. Many people use holiday snaps – make your first impression count!

The style of your headshot should be an expression of your business personality, representing your brand, your organisation or you yourself. I specialise in corporate portrait photography; I work with business people to capture their individual essence in a professional context, creating images that consciously present them to the world. There are different approaches to headshot portrait photography that we can call upon; Studio, Environmental or Candid, and we offer packages to suit all – from sole trader to large corporate.


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Clare Mackintosh, author headshot
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  1. Headshots

Professionalism: Our headshots convey professionalism, capturing the essence of your personality and expertise.
Customization: Tailored sessions to match your industry and personal brand.
Lighting & Composition: Carefully crafted lighting and composition to highlight your best features and to match the location.
Online Presence Enhancement: Elevating your online presence with impactful headshots.
Quick Turnaround: Efficient delivery of high-quality images.

  1. Portraits

Storytelling Imagery: Creating portraits that narrate stories and capture emotions.
Versatility: From individuals to groups, our portrait sessions cater to diverse needs.
Location Choices: Offering interior and exterior location options for unique backdrops and settings.
Personalized Experience: Collaborating with clients to understand their vision and preferences.

  1. Social Media Profiles

Brand Representation: Crafting images that align with your brand’s tone and identity.
Optimized Content: Images tailored for different social media platforms.
Engagement Enhancement: Captivating visuals that increase engagement and follower interaction.
Consistency: Maintaining a consistent visual style across your social media presence.
Professional Impact: Elevating your profile to attract opportunities and connections.

  1. Corporate Portraits

Professional Atmosphere: Creating portraits that reflect the professionalism of your business.
Team Cohesion: Capturing group portraits that highlight unity and teamwork.
Brand Representation: Portraits aligned with your company’s brand identity and values.
Usage Versatility: Images suitable for websites, marketing materials, and internal use.
Efficiency & Reliability: Timely delivery and a streamlined process for corporate sessions.

At Silver Apples Photography, each service is executed with precision and creativity, aiming to exceed expectations and deliver images that resonate with authenticity and professionalism. Whether it’s a captivating headshot, an emotive portrait, a social media profile revamp, or corporate portraits showcasing your team’s essence, we’re dedicated to bringing your vision to life through our lens.