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New project – Photography for a new primary school website

 |  Jenny Aston

St Marys School - group photograph to illustrate early learning. detail

Photography for a new primary school website. This was a commission to create a complete new school website by our agency. My responsibility was to produce all the photography including a video to lead in, on the home page.

The one problem I had to navigate was the new school uniform. This had only just been introduced, so very few children were wearing it. The consequence was that post production was necessary on nearly all images, and the video had to be closely controlled.

School Website Inspiration

Most school websites are created by school website agencies. As in many industries; accounting, banking, etc specialist agencies have attempted to corner the market. The difficulty with that is that the client has to pay to add images, correct team changes, and add any sort of copy – however big or small. This school wanted to have their own control on the copy and understood that to ‘own’ the website, website training would be vital. Our agency works to empower clients. Our after-care covers SEO, marketing, and substantial structural amendments. We prefer the client to have control of their own day to day care.

This was a lovely forward thinking client who worked well, thought quickly and consciously and were a joy to work with. The requirements were rigorous – there are many statutory requirements to consider, and OFSTED inspections start with a thorough analysis of the information provided by a given school. This makes their website absolutely critical in providing correct information in a visible and accessible way.

„lovely quote.“
Head teacher

Working with primary age children is delightful. These are our enthusiastic future Brits, showing inquisitive generosity. My job was easy!

Video work

The client had a clear perspective on the welcome that they required the introductory video to give. It needed to cover the age range of the students, the cultural span and give a cohesive illustration of the school’s delivery of education